Frida (gnistra) wrote in anthro_cafe,

Well, I said I'd make another tutorial post, so here goes. :)

My fellow artist friend and I was talking about clouds the other day... and she told me about a cloud tutorial she'd seen on dA ages ago. So we searched for awhile and found it. The artist who made it has some other tutorials also, and I think they're great, very pedagogic. So I'm posting them all. :)

You have your head in my cloud (Step by step guide showing how to draw clouds. There's a bit water in there as well!)
Let the sun shine in (Digital painting, some landscapes, clouds again.)
I might smile tomorrow (Step by step showing how the artist created one of their pieces.)
Many are calling for help (Another step by step guide of a piece, like the previous one, but this one shows clouds (again; can't have to many cloud tutorials!), water and lightning.)
Brush the difficulties away (A tutorial about brushes and the many different things you can make with them.)
No secret in my garden (Yet another step by step thingie. Landscape stuff (grass, leaves), ect.)
Beneath other skies (Clouds! Again! :D And some swirls.)
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